-). Advised and assisted docuzen, a SAAS startup, with creating their initial investor pitch.

-). Advised Robb Xpress International Trading Corporation (“Robb Xpress”) in regards to potential partners in China.

-). Advised Wens, a footwear manufacturer based in Mexico, on ways to reduce operational costs that resulted in double digits cost-savings for the company.

-). Advised The Urban Blvd Corporation, a New York-based fashion house, on ways to reduce shipping costs which in turn allowed the company to reinvest the savings into other aspects of their business.

-). Advised Robb Publishing Online Media Group (RPOMG), a digital media publication with over six (6) brands, on ways to grow their overall readership across their multiple brands.

-). Advised Robb Creative Group, LLC, a marketing and creative agency, on adding brand influencers to their business offerings which resulted in additional revenue being brought into the company.

-). Advised Robb Sports Group, a marketing, investment and management company, on additional ways to fully monetize their talent management division that is mutually beneficial for their clients and the brands they partner their clients with.

-). Advised Robb Food and Beverage Corporation, a food and beverage producer and distributor, on ways of reducing their product/brand lines to create a more focused core group of brands.

-). Advised GeniusEmpire Corporation, a gaming developer and publisher, on ways to create an e-sports team to expand their business lines.

-). Advised Bonga Studios Corporation, an animation production house, on ways to expand their business lines by offering other products and services.


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