Q). What is Rosedale Consulting Corporation (RCC)?

A). We’re a management consulting firm. We help clients (or as we like to call them; our partners) to realize the full potential of their businesses.

Q). Where are you located?

A). Our headquarters are located in the wonderful Queens, New York.

Q). Are you hiring?

A). Stay posted on our careers page for career opportunities.

Q). How can I get tickets/passes to one of our events?

A). Keep posted on the events page or our main page.

Q). Do you invest in your clients?

A). Yes. We invest our time and resources in making sure ALL of our clients are taken care of. We do sometimes take equity stakes in our clients in lieu of cash compensation. And we also do partner up with Robb & Company Corporation (RCC) for investments in our clients.

Q). What are your fees?

A). We believe that each and every client is unique so we don’t have a set pricing structure per se. Our fee structure can be a combination of equity, cash and high yielding bonds. Contact us via email, text, or call to discuss your project and let’s work out a deal.

Q). I would like to be a management consultant; where can I get some information on the industry?

A). We provide very valuable information on our website about the industry on both a macro and micro level. You can also attend our attends. You can also read a lot of great books on management consulting.

Q). What kind of clients do you take?

A). We have clients that are start-ups to clients that are major enterprises. We view each client as unique and we value them as such.

Q). Are you publicly traded?

A). Not yet. We’re a privately held company that is majority-owned by Robb Corporation.

Q). I have more questions. How do I get in touch with you?

A). You can drop us an email, phone call or a text.



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